Landing in Tegucigalpa

Acts 1:8 Honduras Mission involves Everyone

Not everyone is able to go to Honduras for a hands-on mission trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a vital part in the mission. We are working together as a church to support the mission team traveling to Tegucigalpa by collecting items needed for the trip. 

Needs list (things we’re taking with us)

Debbie the Doctor

The following are items we are collecting to pack and take with us when we leave on July 12. We will keep you updated on more urgent needs as we are informed by WGO. You may pick up a more complete list in the office or at the back of the worship center.

Collection List:

In an average week, we use 18,000 adult multivitamins, 24,000 children’s chewable vitamins, 3,000 prenatal vitamins, 30 infant Tylenol drops, 250 bottles of children’s liquid Tylenol, 500 chewable Tylenol (160mg), 10,000 Tylenol extra strength (500mg), 500 Tylenol Arthritis (650mg), 10,000 Ibuprofen 200mg, and 5,000 naproxen 220mg.  We also are in need of address labels (Avery #5160, 1” X 2 5/8”), we use 3,500 labels/week, snack size ziplock baggies (3,000/week), 2X3 inch ziplock baggies found at craft stores (3,000/week) and hand sanitizer (10 large bottles per week).


Tim Shares the Gospel


BBQ Lunch & Fellowship!

Get your tickets and join us for some incredible BBQ on April 6 at Noon.



The Honduras Team:

  1. Emily Hudson
  2. Larry Killian
  3. Shanna Killian
  4. Debbie Murray
  5. Whitney Whittington
  6. Truett Smith
  7. Camille Wise