UNITED – WE BEGAN…. By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. ~ Proverbs 24:3 NIV

In June of 1988, 60 people gathered in the un-airconditioned warehouse of EversElectric to discuss the possibility of starting a new Southern Baptist Church  in the Parkers Chapel area.  After a few meetings of this type and later cottage prayer, meetings to seek the Lord’s will, in August of that year, a new church was organized and began holding Sunday services. That was the beginning of Parkers Chapel First Baptist Church.  With no assets, building, property, nor even a pastor or a song book, the Holy Spirit moved among the group and God provided for all their needs.

The newly built Great Lakes Recreation Building was made available and the Church services were held there for over two years.  Sunday School classes were held at Parkers Chapel High School.  Within the 75 charter members, God provided us with deacons, trained Sunday School teachers, two pianists, and a song leader.  And yes, God ever provided for new songbooks.  The members were never amazed at how God provided for their every need, for indeed he had his Hand on this undertaking. The church then called James Grafton as it’s first pastor.

A four acre piece of property, in the heart of the community and located on Highway 15, became available to the church for a fraction of it’s market value.  Knowing God was with them, PCFBC began it’s first building project.  A Building Committee was formed, plans were drawn and although the congregation was barely a year old, groundbreaking was held in November 1989 to erect a 10.000 square foot church. At a critical time during the construction in the summer of 1990, funds for the Building were exhausted, the church once again held cottage prayer meetings where they called on the Lord for direction. Rather than borrow more money, the congregation was led by God to receive a special offering.  Much to everyone’s amazement and despite the large amount of money that had already been give by the fellowship, an offering of over $32,000.00 was received that Sunday morning, including the “fragments” that were collected at the door at the end of the service.

In May of 1990, over twenty retired men and their wives from the Arkansas Nailbenders came to the building site and set up camp.  In less than three weeks, the Nailbenders for Jesus had raised the entire structure. The finishing process took a little longer, but before the end of the year, the church had moved into its’ new home.  Although the insurance company refused to insure the building for less than $400,000, God had provided the structure for about $200,000.

On February 3, 1991, Dedication Services were held.  The new building included a beautiful 250 seat sanctuary with an exposed wooden truss ceiling.  The education wing housed seven class rooms and an office/study suite.  A choir room, which doubled as space for the youth, a fellowship hall and a full service kitchen was also included.  The red brick building with the white cross on the front became a beautiful place of worship and a highlight of the community.

By late 1991, the growing body of the church had stretched the church building to its’ limits.  In January 1992, the church voted to appoint a Property Planning Committee to study the feasibility of expanding the building.  Nine months later, the recommendation included as its first priority a new Fellowship Hall and addition education space. The second priority was to surface the parking lot and provide additional parking. Priority three was to extend the sanctuary by extending the wall into the old fellowship hall and provide a vestibule for passage from either side of the building.

In January 1993, Groundbreaking services for the new addition were held and once again the Nailbenders for Jesus returned to put the building in the “dry”.  One year later, Dedication services were held for the Ray Evers Fellowship Hall, which not only included the new fellowship hall, but four additional Sunday School classrooms, a youth room and new restrooms. With thanksgiving for all God’s blessings, in June 1996, we celebrated being debt free by holding a Homecoming and Debt Retirement Service.  Imagine being only seven years old and having a beautiful building for worship valued at well over $1 million and being paid for.

In January 2009, we purchased the adjacent Parkers Chapel Fitness Center and remodeled it.  We renamed it the Parkers Chapel Family Center and it houses our administration offices, a community room, the Underground worship center and youth hangout area, a cardio room, a prayer room, and numerous classrooms.  The church entered into a capital fund raising campaign called Together We Share to pay for the cost of the building and remodel.  Our desire is that this building be used like a community center. For all the wonderful blessings that have been bestowed on us.  We give God all the praise.  Truly he has led us through the beginnings of this church and even now as we seek his will for the future.

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watch man waketh but in vain.

~ Psalms 127:1