Are there different ways to join? Yes.
(1) By professing faith in Jesus Christ and being baptized.
(2) By transferring your membership from another Baptist church.
(3) By your statement of faith in Christ, and have experienced scriptural baptism after salvation.
(4) By statement from another denomination that does not practice baptism by immersion. This is a statement of faith in Christ and willingness to have baptism by immersion.

When do I join?
At the close of the service as a song is sung and the pastor stands facing the congregation, walk to him and tell him your decision.

May I be a Bible Study member and not a church member?
Definitely! This is not church membership but is an excellent way to get to know some of the people and learn more about our church.

I still have some questions.
This is not unusual. You are considering the most important decision of your lifeā€¦ what you will do with Jesus! If you want to make that decision, our members or pastors will be glad to talk with you. You may call the church for an appointment. (870-862-4602) or contact us via email.